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Welcome to the

13th North American Arctic Goose Conference

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Clarion Hotel & Suites

April 15-17, 2015

First Call for Abstracts.

The Science Program Committee is now soliciting abstracts for talks and posters to be presented at NAAG. Any topic related to the biology and ecology of arctic geese is welcomed, including effects of climate, movement ecology, taxonomy, population biology, and interactions of light geese with other species. Abstract submission guidelines and an example abstract can be found on the Abstract Guidelines page. The current deadline for abstract submission is February 1, 2015.

Science Program. In keeping with tradition, the science program will be held in one room, and will feature several plenary speakers, including:

  • Dr. Gilles Gauthier - Goose, plant and predator interactions in arctic systems: how will climate change things?
  • Dr. Jim Sedinger - Humans, Nature, God and the Dynamics of Goose Populations
  • Dr. Scott McWilliams - The bare essentials of avian physiology and nutrition: what every arctic goose biologist needs to know
  • Dr. Tony Fox - The influence of climate on goose migration ecology
  • Dr. Jim Leafloor - Status of arctic and subarctic goose populations in North America
  • Dr. Ray Alisauskas - What's up with midcontinent light geese?  A perspective from Canada's central arctic.

In addition to plenary and general session talks, posters will be on display throughout the meeting and hosted by authors during an evening poster session.

The conference will kick off Tuesday evening (April 14th) with an opening social, and wind down with a banquet featuring local cultural entertainment on Friday evening (April 17th). No formal field trips are planned, but a Poster Session and barbeque are planned for the evening of April 15th, and will be held at the award-winning Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre, located on the edge of a restored prairie marsh. Transportation will be provided.


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